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CPS Ultralight

CPS Ultralight
CPS Ultralight
CPS Ultralight
CPS Ultralight
CPS Ultralight

The CPS Ultralight is the lightest canoe polo paddle in the world and for that reason a popular choice among top players worldwide. Remarkably, the ultralight weights in at only 780 grams whilst retaining a very stiff construction. It's this combination of stiffness and low weight that makes the Ultralight the ultimate performance paddle. With the Ultralight blades, CPS has improved the renown Kinetic shape even further. All known benefits of the kinetic shape are maintained, but ball-control is greatly improved by making the blade a bit more hollow. 

The Ultralights construction is full pre-impregnated carbon fiber, with the additional of additional kevlar reinforcements around the edge of the blade. This provides excellent impact resistance and provides the durability in line with the best of the best. Whether you're a stinker of goalkeeper, the CPS Ultralight offers unmatched performance.

The ligthest canoepolo paddle in the world and a popular choice amongst top level canoe polo players globally! Weighting in at only 780 grams; whilst being super stiff, the CPS Ultralight is perfect for players searching for ultimate performance paddle. 
The edges are strong through reinforcement with kevlar giving you the durability you are looking for in a canoe polo paddle. If you are a goalkeeper or striker, the CPS Ultralight would be the go-to paddle. 

Canoepolo.Shop advice: We fully support the statement "the CPS Ultralight is the ultimate performance paddle". The paddle will feel different than any other you've ever experienced, you can clearly feel the weight located at the blades. Not because they're heavy, but because the shaft is extremely light! This does cause the shaft to be somewhat less durable than some of the alternatives we offer. The blades on the other hand are absolutely bombproof!


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