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Frog Canoepolo Spraydeck

Frog Canoepolo Spraydeck
Frog Canoepolo Spraydeck

Frog manufactures some of the best neoprene spraydecks currently available. The Canoepolo Spraydeck, as the name implies, is made with a single purpose in mind: Canoe Polo.  The decks distinguish themselves by the plain, simple design characterised by the minimalist Frog logo and the use of extremely durable and ultra-dry 4mm Kevlar reinforced neoprene. Elastic shoulder straps ensure that the shaft doesn't slack down when paddling, and, to not harm your range of movement are made extra narrow. On the inside, a rubberised edge is added to further waterproof the fit with your kayak.

Frog Canoepolo Spraydecks come in a two "boat sizes"; the "standard" size fits all popular canoe polo kayaks such as DPP Dynamic, Lettmann, CPS, DBxclusive and Adrio, the "smaller" size is made specifically for the Connect Kayaks, which have a slightly smaller cockpit. Of course there are multiple belly sizes available!

Canoepolo.Shop advice: As Frog uses sturdy 4mm neoprene, it's able to provides some good compression around the core. Consider the desired compression when determining your size. If you like a tight fit with a lot of compression, you may deduct up to 15cm from your core circumference. If you prefer a loose fit with less compression, we recommend deducting only 5cm from your size.  

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