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02 Apr Canoepolo beginners: what you need to know about equipment
Ralf 0 3130
Starting off with canoepolo can be quite a challenge. While we can't help much with you improving your boat control or developing a lightning fast shot we can offer some guidance in the equipment need..
19 Nov Helmond organizes world's largest Canoepolo Tournament of 2019
Ralf 0 1146
Helmond International Tournament celebrates it's 25th anniversary year in 2019 and for one time, will pump up the tournament to be the biggest of the year!The 2019 edition has moved to the Easter week..
19 Nov Canoepolo.Shop official reseller of LB9 canoepolo gear
Ralf 0 11442
Canoepolo.Shop is now LB9's official reseller. LB9, italian canoepolo brand endorsed by World Champion Luca Bellini has made its mark on the canoepolo pitches all over the world. Canoepolo.Shop will n..
19 Nov Braca's newest Canoepolo Paddle: the Polo Rapid
Ralf 0 2202
Brača Polo Rapid is the newest paddleblade of the Brača Canoe Polo line. As the name suggests, this paddle has an aggressive catch due to the wide leading edge, which gives excellent acceleration and ..
24 Mar International Canoe Federation and CPS / Wisely producer agree exciting partnership
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The International Canoe Federation and Chinese sport manufacturer, Yupin Sports, have announced an exciting 10-year partnership that will form the foundation for the continued growth of canoe polo wor..
13 Oct CPS Canoepolo Paddles: Lightest paddles in the world!
Bart 0 1569
Perhaps you've seen them; paddles with CPS on the blades. They seem to pop up everywhere... but chances are big you've never held one. In case you're not sure I'm sure you haven't. Why? Because you'd ..
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