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Hiko Contact Hiko Contact
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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko contact is a low and flexible neoprene shoe. The thin yet durable rubber sole offers great kayak feel...
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Brand: Hiko
As the name says; Hiko Flexi shoes are very flexible. They are excellent to squeeze into tight kayaks! The thin rubber sole and the soft neoprene top make for comfortable shoes. Even tough the shoes are this and flexible, they are extremely durable...
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Hiko Lars
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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko Lars cag is designed for kayaking training and canoe polo competitions in cold weather. Extremely warm dry cag with inner a layer to vaporize the body moisture and perspiration. Phenomenal qualities of this cag are guaranteed thanks to the use of Aquasheel material - elastic, impermeable fr..
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Hiko NEO1.5 Shorts
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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko NEO1.5 shorts are a great pair of basics that should finds its way to every polo players wardrobe. The flexible 1.5mm thick neoprene and the pre-shaped cut make this pair of shorts very comfortable. The back of the pants are extra long, hence your back is always covered, even when sitting i..
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Brand: Hiko
Budgetmodel Canoepolo PFD. Perfect for starting teams. One size fits all!Product information from the supplier:Life jacket for canoe polo. Produced in accordance with the new 2015 ICF rules for the canoe polo. Jacket structure is adapted to permit two-sided application. Telescopic flexible hips retr..
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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko sneaker is a low neoprene shoe. It has a sturdy rubber sole which makes for good grip...
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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko Teddy is lined with very warm polar fleece, this makes it the ideal undergarment in very cold conditions. It can also be used when a cag is too warm, but just a lycra shirt is too cold.Highly elastic quick-drying functional wear has a pleasant touch.- It offers great insolation while stayin..
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Brand: Hiko
Neoprene spraydeck with a fully kevlar reinforced topside. Fits on modern canoepolo kayaks like Dynamic, Vampire and Flight...
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Hiko Zephyr L/S Hiko Zephyr L/S
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Brand: Hiko
Light long sleeve cag for competitive paddling. It is made of Nylon fabric with breathable coating, which is very light, elastic, but also highly robust, waterproof and durable. ..
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Hiko Zephyr S/S Hiko Zephyr S/S
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Brand: Hiko
Light short sleeve cag for competitive paddling. It is made of Nylon fabric with breathable coating, which is very light, elastic, but also highly robust and durable. ..
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