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CPS Faceguard

CPS Faceguard
CPS Faceguard
CPS Faceguard

A sturdy face guard is essential for safely and therefore obligatory. The 2016 revision of the IFC rulebook included stringent rules on the face guard and its placement. The CPS Faceguard passes all of these requirements with flying colours. The updated rules indicate maximum distances in the face guards grid. The CPS Faceguard uses these dimensions optimally; a variable grid with maximum distances around the eyes, offers an unobstructed field of view, whilst a more narrow grid in other areas offer maximum protection.

The CPS Faceguard comes in two variations:

  1. Coated Iron
  2. Stainless Steel with anti-reflection coating

Both variants will last years when treated well, however, the Stainless Steel variant will eventually have the upper hand in durability. The coated iron variant however, is easier on the eyes.  

Canoepolo.Shop advice: When training in salty water, the speed of corrosion (rust) increases, hence we recommend the use of the Stainless Steel variant. In case of training in a pool often, we advice the use of the Coated Iron variant. Finally, when neither of those are applicable, pick the one you most prefer, both variants will work well for you. Oh, and don't forget to take a look at the variants your teammates are using; you may not want to be the only one that stands out using a different variant.

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CPS Faceguard
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