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Braca Rapid Carbon Canoe Polo Paddle

Braca-Sport Rapid Carbon
Braca-Sport Rapid Carbon
Braca-Sport Rapid Carbon
Braca Rapid Carbon Canoe Polo Paddle

The Braca-Sport Rapid paddle is the next iteration of the long-living kinetic polo paddle. The paddle is light, and extremely durable. It's unique non-slip bands on the blades lend extra control when handling the ball. The newly designed "Rapid" shape takes the strong spot of the kinetic to the extreme. The even pointier shape of the blade allows you to paddle even closer to the canoepolo kayak, making the boat go even straighter and ultimately increasing the speed you're able to reach. The Rapid is ideally suited for offensive play with excellent sprint characteristics and ball control. Like all Braca-Sport canoepolo paddles, highly impact resistant materials are used to achieve the class-leading Braca-Sport durability. The blade has an impact resistant edge all around and is filled with reinforced Polystirol foam. 

The Braca-Sport Rapid can be used with the known portfolio of Braca-Sport shafts. These are available in three levels of stiffness; Soft, Medium and Hard. The general advice is to use stiffer shafts for stronger athletes.

Canoepolo.Shop advice: With Rapid blades and a Medium shaft, you can't go wrong - anyone will enjoy this combination. We do advice to stay away from the soft-shaft if you're over 45kg. We would also like to mention that the Hard shaft can be harsh on the wrist when blocking. 

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