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Brand: Hiko
The Hiko Teddy is lined with very warm polar fleece, this makes it the ideal undergarment in very cold conditions. It can also be used when a cag is too warm, but just a lycra shirt is too cold.Highly elastic quick-drying functional wear has a pleasant touch.- It offers great insolation while stayin..
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Brand: Hiko
Neoprene spraydeck with a fully kevlar reinforced topside. Fits on modern canoepolo kayaks like Dynamic, Vampire and Flight...
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Hiko Zephyr L/S Hiko Zephyr L/S
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Brand: Hiko
Light long sleeve cag for competitive paddling. It is made of Nylon fabric with breathable coating, which is very light, elastic, but also highly robust, waterproof and durable. ..
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Hiko Zephyr S/S Hiko Zephyr S/S
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Brand: Hiko
Light short sleeve cag for competitive paddling. It is made of Nylon fabric with breathable coating, which is very light, elastic, but also highly robust and durable. ..
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Brand: LB9 Brand
The 3/4 Neoprene pants are elasticized in 4 directions thanks to a bistretch 2mm neoprene fabric utilised for a best fit.Anti-slip applications on the back allow for greater grip.Ergonomic cut provides optimum fit whilst the compression bands work on the bloodstream. Reinforced nylon fabric ispositi..
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Brand: LB9 Brand
The Neoprene Top L/S consists of a layer of 2 mm reinforced rubberized neoprene in the pectoral and back area gives extra protection and warmth. Compression bands placed on the forearms reduce the accumulation of toxins and lactic acid by improving blood circulation. An ergonomic cut and flatlock st..
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Brand: LB9 Brand
The LB9 Rashguard S / S is super flexible and will not obstruct you in any movement during canoe polo or even in the gym or while doing cross-fit. The mesh inserts on the sides allow for easy transpiration and keep you cool during warm weater, whilst the ergonomic cut and flatlock stitching reduce a..
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Brand: LB9 Brand
LB9 Waterproof 30 Litre Drybag / Backpack is fully equipped with a water repellent zipped outer pocket and elastic net that greatly increases its capacity and an internal moistureproof nylon bag that helps to keep the wet and dry separate. It can be carried comfortably as a backpack or with its side..
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Brand: MF Tech
MF-Tech has been supplying their top-level shafts to canoepolo players for years and offer a range of shafts, varying in weight and stiffness. A stiffer shaft leads to stronger accelaration and responsiveness, whereas a more flexible shaft gives for better ball control, goalkeeping and is less deman..
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MR. ZOGS Sexwax MR. ZOGS Sexwax
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Brand: MR. ZOGS
Originally designer for surfers, MR. ZOGS Sexwax provides some extra grip between slick surfaces. Within canoepolo it's often used on paddles. Goalies use it on their blade, to gain more grip and control over their paddle. Field players love it for the extra ball control it gives them.3X Soft for co..
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Brand: OFS
Using high performance fabrics and robust garment construction methods, the OFS Rashvest has been designed for both performance and practicality to create the optimal environment for the modern paddling athlete. The OFS Rashvest features flat seams, printed label and an underarm panel to remove..
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Brand: Palm
Lightweight ripstop nylon spraydeck. Ideal for beginners and clubs. One size fits all...
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